Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get Away

As wonderful and exciting as life in Eyebrow can be, we occasionally get away.  Part of the rush to get our painting done was because we had a small trip planned.  The first stop was to visit my wife's home town and we had planned to meet her brother and his fiancĂ©e there.

While the visit didn't work out - they couldn't make it - we did spend the night in a beautiful bed and breakfast that we discovered, called "Meadow's Edge Bed and Breakfast."  It is a very beautiful, very private lodge tucked away in forest at the end of a private road amid miles of hiking trails.

Its built out of hand-crafted, square cut logs and finished inside in wood paneling with a fieldstone fireplace.

The bright, spacious front room has high vaulted ceilings.
In the morning, we partook of a delicious breakfast in the dining room with a view of the deck and yard.

All in all, a wonderful place if you're looking for a quiet get away.

Watching Paint Dry - Follow-up Pictures

My last post was rushed - not well written, nor containing pictures.  Had I been thinking of it, during the task - or were my time machine capable of going backwards - I'd have taken before, after and during pictures, documenting the progression of the project in all of its mundane glory but, alas, all I have (should you be interested) are the finished result.

Any comments of, "You missed a spot," will not be appreciated :)