Saturday, June 12, 2010

I am a Time Traveler

I am a time traveler on a mission of exploration through the future.  My journey began almost exactly fifteen years after the beginning of the Earth's Nuclear War and I've had the privilege of  witnessing some noteworthy historical events - including but not limited too:

- The beginning of the Space Age.
- Flying Cars
- The age of Robotics
- Video Phones
- Instant Global Communications
- Instant Access to the sum total of humanity's accumulated knowledge.

The future isn't the way I expected it to be.  It has its problems - but then, so did the past!  (More on this later if you really want to hear it.)

The message, "It's pretty good here - Don't Bitch!"


  1. Amazing things have happened!
    Imagine the things that our parents witnessed.
    All of the things you mentioned are related in some way to computers...And now we have them in our homes.

  2. Ah, future happenings, discoveries, and what we expect rarely come to pass, to be able to 'connect' so quickly to other countries, with this technology is a fantastic occurrence, but at what price? many use it for scams, personal gain infiltrating our lives with 'virus's' just because they can. Though I still feel it's worth it...So many leaps forward, but one scientific programme on TV was saying that the 'inventions' were slowing down, in that nothing much left to be discovered, only taking what we have now to it's furthest possible point... I love thinking about the future...but also the past...It seems so innocent in many ways , somehow...
    thank you for your comment, I love writing stories, stretching my mind... 'tis somehow uplifting...x

  3. Not just in our homes, Pat, my cell phone is a better, more connected, computer than the first "home computer" I owned.

    LadyP, perhaps I'm too much of an optimist, but I think our lives are better than those of our parents or grandparents - at least in part to the advancements that technology has made. That doesn't mean that there aren't "new" problems created with each advancement - but technology has helped to solve or at least mitigate the older ones.

    And the innocence of past ages (I think at least) is very much an illusion.

    This whole reply could very much be a blog entry of its own - and perhaps I'll do that at some point.

  4. but...but...bitching is what I do so WELL. And they are not really 'flying' cars until one hits another mid-air and both crash to the ground.

    Still waiting for my jetpack though. And don't show me the magical stunt one. I want the one in the backpack that I bought at Walmart for $49.95

  5. I was thinking about this again yesterday. As I was looking at a powerpoint presentation on my phone.... amazing!