Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm building a big boat....

It's been raining here..... a lot.  This being a small, farming community, the weather gets mentioned.

Quoted From Friends and Neighbors on Facebook 

·         Grey skies filled with grey clouds full of moisture have descended upon the farm. All outside activity has come to a halt. The much needed moisture is falling; over 1" so far. (April 30, 2010)

·         This rain is so wonderful!!! The rain barrel is full & overflowing. Lots of water for my plants!!! (May 1, 2010)

·         Could the rain & hail not have waited until we finished seeding the last 20 acres of a field????? (May 19,2010)

·         Doesn't like the forecast. Would just like to get done seeding before it rains for a week!!! (May 21,2010)

·         Cue music...There is a hole in my roof and it is leakin’ from the light to the floor and there is another place leakin’ above my bathroom door. Free showers...free showers. Alive, alive oh. My apologies to Molly Malone and others.

·         Is it wet enough out there for you??? (May 25, 2010)

·         What are you doing on facebook?!?! Get back in the field!! . Did you finish up seeding?? (May 25, 2010)

·         NO!!!! only 50% done.  (May 25, 2010)
·         Want some rice seed? (May 25, 2010)
·         Too much rain too fast and no place to go (May 28, 2010)
·         Heavy downpour of rain last night along with lightning and thunder that rattled the dishes; water coming in basement now that the water table is high; definetly no seeding for at least a week and that's with a lot of wind. (May 28, 2010)
·        Rain clouds have returned just when it was dry enough to get the air seeder uncovered and ready to start seeding. Now have to cover everything up and wait a few more days for ground to dry up again -our total for the last 2 weeks is 5 inches. (June 3, 2010)
·         Seeding at night with GPS is kinda like playing a video game - a slow boring one with sloughs (June 5, 2010)
·         Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. Don't rain. (June 5, 2010)
·         Nothing like parking your vehicle at the backend of a field, in a slough, at 10:30 at night, by yourself, having to walk all the way home in your flip flops wearing jammies and stinking like a swamp!! The first one to laugh dies!!!!!! (June 7, 2010)
·         I did the exact same thing last night but I was in my housecoat at 11:00. I love farming! (June 7, 2010)
·         NO Ball tonight too much rain :( (June 7, 2010)
·         Going 24 hours in shifts to finish seeding today (June 7, 2010)
·         Didn't get the seeding done or the 24 hours in. Rain...again. (June 7, 2010)
·         Dear Weather God. Why do you hate us so much? Just askin' (May 7, 2010)

·         Oh no, it's foggy again. Rain in 90 days; That should be right about when we are trying to combine. (June 8, 2010)

·         Raining! Again / Still!  I'm looking for deck plans for a really big boat..... and collecting animals.....  Who’s with me? (June 8, 2010)