Monday, June 7, 2010

My Blood Runs Green!

Less than ONE week to go!

If you’re from Saskatchewan, the title and first sentence most likely tells you all you need to know.  

For the rest of you – poor things -  I’m talking about the Saskatchewan Roughriders, their 100th anniversary as a team, and the count down to their first pre-season game.

I’ve possibly mentioned in previous posts that Eyebrow, Sk. is small (I think I might have.) and Saskatchewan itself, despite its land area, is a small close-knit community.  No wonder, really, when you realize that Saskatchewan’s ENTIRE population  would easily fit within the confines of the city of Calgary (1,079,310) or into a corner of Montreal (with a population of 3,635,571) or Toronto (4,657,000) and that even these large (to Canadians) cities are dwarfed by the giants such as Tokyo (28,025,000) or Mexico City (18,131,000.)

Small as it might be Saskatchewan loves its football team! Ask anyone from Saskatchewan!  Ask any Canadian football fan – anywhere in the country, “which team has the best fans?”  If they say anything other than Saskatchewan Roughrider Fans – You can call them a liar!  To their face!  From me!

Not Convinced?  Here's some fan chatter.  Still not convinced? How about this - a report from Reporter Terry Jones of the Edmonton Sun, on a trip through Saskatchewan before the Western Final, last year, to gauge "The temperature of a province."  Date line: Eyebrow, Sk. (and there's MY connection - as if being a rider fan wasn't enough!)

 Well the season hasn't opened yet, nor even the first pre-season game and already two games are sold out: The "Banjo Bowl" on Labour Day of course! But also the July 17th game against the Edmonton Eskimos.  Now that's the kind of fan support that you can't get anywhere else!

Go Riders!!