Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eyebrow web cam

I haven't been quite as regular with my posts for the last few weeks as I was when I first started - I apologize, but it is summer and the rain has finally stopped, which means that I've been finding things that need to be done outside or just that I've been enjoying being outside.

However this, I MUST share with the world.  Thanks to one of my neighbors with a delightful sense of humor who set up a video feed of Eyebrow's main street and posted the video on Facebook.

Why, you might very well ask?  Well, why not?  I HAVE mentioned before that in a small town, you often find ways to make your own fun - my neighbor had fun making them, we had fun watching and commenting on them - what better reason could there be?

Below are the video links.  Watch these at your own risk, ONLY if you can handle this level of excitement!

Traffic in Eyebrow
More Live action


  1. You guys have a stop sign? OMG that reminds me of summers in Gretna Manitoba - one store that closed at six each day except Sunday when it was closed. Good times.

  2. Clicking on your links stalled my computer. Was only able to watch the second one.

  3. My, my, I had to take a short break after all that excitement, lol....
    and it's stopped raining? Now that fact in itself is cause for celebration, and for getting the DIY done, are excused for not posting regularly. Life is good I hope?

  4. Cal - why yes, we even have more than one stop sign.
    Ms.A - Sorry, not sure why it would stall your computer, but if you saw one you've pretty much seen them all.
    LadyP - It has stopped raining - mostly. Life is very good, if a little hectic at the moment and yes... the excitement is almost unbearable, isn't it. LOL.

  5. Neil, you were gone so long that I maybe the bear got you...

    Wow, I watched all four videos and those cars and trucks were moving so fast, I couldn't even see them!

  6. It reminds me of my moms home town of Vibank Sask. I wouldn't change a thing.