Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Serious about the Boat! (Pictures)

I thought I should add some pictures to go with the last post.  These, like the conversations, are pictures that people have put up showing the soggy state of their fields.

The ground's like a saturated sponge right now.

The rain sits on top of the gravel road since the ground is too saturated to absorb anymore moisture.

The puddles grow into ponds....

.... then into larger ponds.

This picture more properly belongs with my post about the Riders - it was just too awesome not to include.  This is downtown Regina with the twin buildings sporting the Rider Logo for the team's 100th anniversary.

Thanks Drew, Phil and Barry for putting up the pictures.


  1. HI there, new here, read you're comment on Bitchy's site, and followed through...and no, not looking for gossip, scandalous or otherwise...hate it with a vengeance.
    Eyebrow looks wet and soggy, just Like England at the moment. Mother Nature seems to be in tears!! Just going for a look-see round your site....bye for now...LadyPx

  2. Thanks LadyP, I'm glad to have you following. I hope you found some other interesting posts. The unseasonal amount of rain we've had is very much like the UK... I have a daughter living near Edinburgh and get regular weather updates.